Preserving Memories: How to Keep Photographs Alive

The fact that memories are fleeting and fickle must be heart-wrenching for us. There's a possibility that significant memories might deteriorate over time if not handled carefully. If you cannot preserve such memories, you and the people you care about will eventually forget them. That's why it's a good thing that photography was invented during the earlier centuries so that we can keep a pocket-sized paper of someone's face in our frames and their smiles in our hearts.

From plain picture frames and photo albums, there are numerous ways now to preserve photos we treasure. This guide will show you why preserving good memories is crucial and what you can do to keep them alive.

Why preserve memories?

For some people, taking the time and effort to preserve family moments and memories with friends can serve as a thoughtful gift. Browsing through those photos can also be therapeutic for people looking for ways to cope when they're having a hard time. Revisiting old and happy memories are guaranteed to be a feel-good pastime for everyone. Those past moments may recall the ugly parts of your life that you'd rather forget, but these preserved memories help you put things into perspective.

Keeping those memories alive can be accessible at times, especially with the evolving technology. People can now store photos on their phones and upload and share them online. Social media largely contributed to keeping the past by archiving the previous images from long ago that you haven't deleted yet.

Traditional family records are stepping up due to online platforms, tools, and paraphernalia, allowing you to leave a permanent digital footprint. Families choose to keep a bunch of photo albums on social media sites like Facebook.

What you can do to preserve memories

There are additional creative ways to keep those memories intact. In case you need to preserve the memories of your loved ones, here are some ways you can use to maintain those memories freshly:

  • If your family's into cooking, compile a few recipes and publish a recipe book.
  • Try creating a shadow box containing 3D items.
  • Make a quilt or sew a blanket from old shirts.
  • Decorate a map and pin them to the places you’ve seen and visited.
  • Upload your photos to a website or software that allows you to create a digital scrapbook.
  • Turn those photo memories into fun ones by printing them as puzzle pieces you and your loved ones can take turns putting together. You can check out puzzle images from Nicki's galleries for more info. 

Other ways to keep precious memorabilia

Photographs are always the most common way of keeping memories alive. Time seems to stop, and things will always look and feel the same in each photograph. Storing them will ensure that they'll last longer. Maintain them in good condition and expect future generations to see those family photos. 

If you have photos with you that you want to keep, here are some helpful tips for taking care of them and maintaining their quality:

Avoid discoloration

Over time, your photos will discolor and fade. They will even slightly tear at the edges because the paper is deteriorating. This is due to the air mixed with various chemical reactions in the material, causing them to look yellowish.

Sometimes touching also contributes to the increased acidity of the photo. To keep that from happening, use acid-free photo albums and plastic sleeves to store the photographs. They prevent yellowing, protect the images from scratch, and stop it from deteriorating faster. Avoid laminating your photos because it can cause further damage rather than keeping them fresh. Removing the laminate from the image is a hassle too, so it would be best if you don't use it at all.

In conclusion

Preserving memories is one way of keeping the past alive, to never forgetting. There are moments in history we want to bring back, and a photo is the only way to remind us. That's why we are thankful that technology has enabled us to keep them alive, something to remember us by.