5 Best Things To Do In Madagascar

A secluded beach in Madagascar for the blog 5 best things to do in Madagascar

If you are dreaming of having a fun-filled vacation with a bit of adventure and learning, then Madagascar is the right place for you! It is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers who wish to venture into nature, test their strength and stamina, and see up-close some astonishing wonders of the world. Indeed, Madagascar is a heaven on earth for an adventurer.

Aside from the adventure that it offers, Madagascar is also a vast sanctuary for all wildlife. It is home to an enormous variety of flora and fauna species, some of which are endemic to the country. Many of the places and cultures that can be found in Madagascar also possess a sense of uniqueness in them that makes visitors stand in awe.

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Once you have finally decided to book a flight and go on a vacation in the ever-beautiful Madagascar, the next thing that you need to do is to make an itinerary. To help you in doing so, below are some of the best things to do in Madagascar.

Have fun in the waters

Madagascar takes pride in its long coastlines and beautiful beaches. Since it is an island country, it is surrounded by enormous waters where you can swim around and have fun.

If you want to have some fun in the waters, then you need to visit one of Madagascar’s famous beaches - Nosy Be. Nosy Be is located at the northwest coast of the country. When in Nosy Be, you should definitely try snorkeling and whale watching. Do not miss the chance to swim alongside whale sharks, manta rays and sting rays, which can be found in the waters of Madagascar. Even though these animals may be massive, they are most certainly harmless to humans.

Aside from Nosy Be, you should also try to visit the Ile of Sainte Marie, which is a famous site for whale watching. Between June and November is the perfect time to visit this place because it is when a pod of humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to Madagascar for breeding.

Tour around

Madagascar is a great place to tour around. There are so many places to wander to in the island country, and it never runs out of picturesque scenery that can amaze you.

When in Madagascar, take some time to visit the La Corniche, which is located at the northern coast of the country. La Corniche boasts of lovely palm-lined promenade that borders the sea. The best time to visit this place is during sunset until evening, when you can just chill around and buy some food from the street carts stationed by the beach.

Just like the La Corniche, the Avenue of Baobabs also boasts of amazing scenery that will surely please your eyes. It is located in the Menabe region of the western part of Madagascar. The baobab trees that can be found here, which are often called the ‘tree of life’ by the locals, can grow up to about forty to ninety feet and over fourteen meters in diameter. These gigantic trees are natural treasures that are unique to Madagascar.

Go Tsingy Climbing in the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

You can only enjoy the beauty of Madagascar to the fullest when you look at it from a bird's-eye perspective. If you want to do this while having a bit of an adrenaline rush, then you should definitely try climbing up and along the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.

Since Madagascar has many unique terrains and mountains, you can take advantage of any of its high ground as your take-off point. The word Tsingy in Malagasy means to walk on tiptoe.  While being harnessed to the sharp pointed rocks, you will also have the opportunity to cross over a swinging rope bridge between some of the high points. While above, you can clearly see the stunning views of the Madagascan landscapes.

Visit the Lemur Island

Madagascar has a wide variety of flora and fauna species, some of which are even endemic to the country. Because it is gifted with such variety, you can find several wildlife parks and reserves in Madagascar, including the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. This national park is more popularly known as the ‘Lemur Island’ Near the Vakona Forest, because it shelters a range of lemurs, including the famous Indri Lemurs. The national park also serves as a sanctuary for the critically endangered Golden Bamboo Lemurs. If you get the chance to visit this place, you will surely be amazed by looking at the lemurs up close, especially since most of them are already domesticated.  This is one of Nicki’s favorite places to take her photo groups.

Taste the local dishes

Food is certainly one thing that you should never forget wherever you go. Whenever you visit a new place, having a taste of its local dishes and delicacies is a must. In Madagascar, the traditional dishes mainly involve meat and seafood, combined with vegetables. One of the most famous street foods in the country is called Koba. It is made of banana with peanut and rice paste, all wrapped in a banana leaf. Romazava, a traditional Madagascan beef stew, is another local dish that you should definitely try while in Madagascar.

Overall, there are plenty of other things to do in Madagascar to make your vacation an adventurous, fun, and memorable one. Stepping your feet on the soil of the 4th largest island in the world is definitely a start of a great adventure ride. Once you already have your flight booked, expect and prepare to experience paradise on earth.